Wednesday, April 16, 2008

I am NOT a Big Crybaby. Ok, Yes I Am.

Since theprofessionalaunt asked, the organization who puts together the Passover food baskets is Maot Chitim of Greater Chicago. They provide over 5000 such boxes each year. I just read on their website that they have expanded to provide holiday foods for Rosh Hashanah, as well.

I went to their web site to get a link for this entry, and saw the little box which quotes from the Hagadah, "Let all who are hungry, come and eat; all who are in need, come and share the hope of [Passover]."

I am blubbering like a baby again.

I believe, I really do, that small actions change the world. If anyone out there has the ability to make a small donation to Maot Chitim, you can donate online. I can testify to the life changing work they do. I KNOW it changes the world. I have seen it. I can tell you how eagerly the people I met were waiting for their boxes. And I can testify that it has changed me, as well. I'm signing up for Rosh Hashanah.

Let all who are hungry, come and eat.


Sue said...

I just read this and your previous post. you've got me crying with you. You're a good man, Aiden, and you're teaching your son to be a good man too.

Anonymous said...

Pass the kleenex, please.