Friday, April 25, 2008

Learning from the Buddha

The kitchen project is in a "Hurry Up and Wait" mode -- everything we have to do is done, save for actually completing the packing of all the kitchen crap. (The easy stuff is done, the difficult stuff is still sitting there, taunting me.)

Bella arrived from Italy. She is beautiful and just a little intimidating. (That's how I like my women!) A piece of her luggage (her backguard) got lost on the boat, but the orphanage...err...manufacturer is going to send one post haste.

Why did I chose this title for this post? Well, funny you should ask that. It's because I have been looking for just the right Buddha to place on the counter just to the left of the stove. It is 1 foot wide, and will have a light above it perfect for displaying some awesome Buddhist objet d'art. And since buying presents for my new kitchen seems far more interesting and far less dirty than wrapping things in newspaper, I've been spending a little bit of time searching for the perfect piece.

Oh, if only I weren't on a budget. Because I found the perfect -- and I do mean PERFECT -- piece on eBay.

Isn't that divine? I have a particular affinity for happy Buddhas and laughing Buddhas, and this one hits me in just the right spot.

So what is holding me back, you ask? The item is priced at $49.95 or best offer, PLUS $19.05 postage. This makes it a $70.00 cookie jar -- far more than my Lovely Myfanwe could ever forgive me for paying for a cookie jar. I made an offer of $20.00, thinking she just might forgive me for a $40 cookie jar, but my offer was declined.

I spent a moment in quiet reflection on what lesson the Buddha wanted me to take from this experience. Is my desire for possessions keeping me from Enlightenment? Should I be focusing on things I should be doing instead of things I want to be buying? Do kids make me look fat? Should I make a batch of (pesadich) cookies?

I haven't decided the answer to the question. Bud I do know this -- if any of you see a cool Buddha cookie jar for a reasonable price, be sure to let me know. 'Cuz I'm almost certain having a Buddha in my kitchen will help me find the answers.

I'm off now to the dentist (yeah!) and later off to see the Yarn Harlot in Oak Lawn. Have a great day and an even greater weekend!

And don't forget to channel your laughing Buddha!


Cheri said...

Oh, I LOVE that cookie jar!! I hope that you can find one. (I think I may need one in my kitchen too....can I copy you?)

Myfanwy said...

I have been pondering your Buddah dillema...I think you should buy the Buddah now before some undeserving person scoops you! You will never find another one the same. Then....put a container ( jar, zip lock bag, box whatever) in your car, desk, where ever and when you are going to buy a coffee, (we Canadians are addicted to Tim Hortons coffee) or buy a magazine, newspaper...... something you can live with out....put that cash in the "jar" and before you know it you will have recooped the cost of the Buddah. Tah Dah I am such a shmarty. Another way of "Saving up" just in reverse!