Saturday, April 12, 2008

I Don't Care How You Get Here...

My new stove has a name. I've decided to call her "Bella". She's beautiful, she's Italian, so it fits. Thank you to everyone who e-mailed or left a suggestion in the comments. Her full name is Bella Lucrezia Principessa Angelina Ballerina Sophia Magliaia Lucido Cavolo Gilberto*. But we will just call her Bella.

Speaking of Bella, I was on the phone yesterday with the adoption sales representative, and Bella has left her birthplace of Guastalla, Italy and has boarded the boat the new world. She still has a few weeks journey until she makes it here, but she has begun the journey. (She does not, alas, have GPS tracking, so I cant direct you to a satellite image, but I am envisioning her on the front deck of a big ship, looking eagerly towards her new life. Without a Celine Dion soundtrack.

The contractors start on May 12th, and we have a shipload of work to do between now and then. Which will include answering the questions, "What the hell are we going to do will all of this crap? How are we going to fit a washer, a dryer, a refrigerator, a dining table, AND a bigass stove in our dining room...which will be under construction as well?"

We are going to move the big dining table into the living room, and move the luncheon table/mahjongg table from the living room into the dining room to eat on. Since Norbert has to move out of his room, we are going to put his mattress on the floor in the living room under the dining table. (Kids love forts.) And we can stack boxes on top of it. This is called maximizing space.

I am looking forward to Passover, where I won't have to pack any boxes or think about packing boxes!

*Beautiful Lucrezia Princess Angelina Ballerina Sophia Knitter Shiny Cabbage Gilbert. I threw in Ballerina becaue it goes so well with Angelina, but, yes, someone suggested I name the stove "Shiny Cabbage".


=Tamar said...

I was about to mention that most dining tables can have the legs removed and suddenly take up a lot less space stored on edge, but maximizing space as you describe it sounds like a better method. Good luck with the renovations.

Myfanwy said...

I had to stop by and say hello for many reasons:
1. Myfanwy ( Welsh spelling) is a beautiful name.
2. You actually know who Julia Child is.
3. I love lace knitting!
4. I wish you lived closer I would get you to make this "shiksa" Bubbe some latkes in that gorgeous new kitchen!
5. Love the laughing Buddah idea...hey,"It couldn't hurt."

Aidan said...

1. Myfanwy or Myfanwe -- both lovely names.
2. I've seen every surviving progam Julia Child made. I can't tell you how many times I've asked myself "WWJCD?"
3. Me too!
4. Well, Myfanwy, if you are ever in Chicago, I'll do better than latkes -- You'll come for Shabbas -- I'll make a little chicken soup, maybe a few kreplach, a roast chicken stuffed with homemade kishke, maybe a potato or cauliflower kugel, and some babka for dessert with tea, drunk from glasses while holding sugar cubes in our teeth. London, Ontario is only a little north of here, nu? 402 miles. I've travelled farther than that for a bowl of cabbage soup! (Really. No joke.) You could hop a bus first thing in the morning, maybe stop in Windsor to have a cocktail and see some nudie dancing, and still be in Chicago in time for dinner.

Myfanwy said...

*Howling with laughter* stop already with the menu! I am reading this at 6:30 in the morning and I haven't even had a cup of coffee yet. Everything sounds positively yummy!
So, do you have any lace on the needles??