Friday, May 23, 2008

Day Twelve.

Dinner: At our friend Stephanie's house tonight for Shabbat dinner. Salad, fettuccine, meatballs, challah, juice. Yum.

Progress: The tile crew got the tile grouted today. It still needs a few washings -- it's a little hazy -- but it's pretty obvious that it is going to be gor-jus.

I had a little bit of a shock, when I got home.

Yup. Those are cabinets going in. These guys don't pussy-foot around. The carpenter installing the cabinets won't be back until Tuesday, but he said he'll have the rest of the cabinets in on Tuesday!

Sorry for the poor light and photo quality. I'll take a few more tomorrow or Sunday with more natural light.

Tomorrow the electrician works on an additional (oi) wiring thing -- it seems as if out breaker panel, which shows room for four more circuits, was put up to make it LOOK like there was room for four more circuits, but there really wasn't. So we have to have an entirely new breaker box put in. Oh well, it's only money. And once the circuits are in I can have more lights in the kitchen, so you'll be able to see the cabinets better.

Also tomorrow we will have the guy who does the plastering and the drywall to skim coat the ceiling and putting up the drywall in the pantry.

We aren't planning to be here much -- only to sleep, basically, so we will be able to avoid most of the dust. Little Bird and her moms are in town, so at least one evening this weekend we are having a slumber party.

Have a great weekend!

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anne marie in philly said...

OMG, it's starting to look like a real kitchen!

please post some new pix of little bird so we can see how much she has grown.

have a good weekend; the kitchen mess will soon be over.