Sunday, October 05, 2008

Heute bin ich ein Terrorist.

I am sick and tired of Palin's lies. Sick of them. And for all her blithering about the "liberal medial elite", they sure aren't saying, "Whoa, Nellie! Hate to put a hitch in your giddyup, ma'am, but that's a lie!"

Barak Obama loves this country. Anyone who says differently isn't a very good American. Because in America we can disagree with one another without calling into question each other's patriotism. That was sort of the point of the whole experiment with Democracy.

Barak Obama does not hang out with terrorists. Period. And anyone who says he does is a liar. I've been to parties with the "terrorist*" in question, and I've read the books written by the "terrorist". I can assure you a) that he isn't a terrorist, but rather a 64 year old professor, a devoted expert in the education of urban, high-risk children; b) he's a nice guy; and c) I happen to love American. (Yes, the do-gooder, hippie, tree-hugging lefty liberal commies love America.) I guess now that I have admitted to going to parties where he was in attendance, I can never be considered for vice-president. (Something which, a month ago, I didn't have to worry about, but now. Well. Who knows. Never say never.)

If I had a kabillion dollars I would put adds out there with great big words -- "John McCain hangs with Child Molesters" and "John McCain -- cuddles up with graft and bribery!" and "Did John McCain's friends cause the latest failures, like they did the last ones?"

*I am intentionally not print the guy's name. It's been in the press enough, and, while I get an minuscule number of hits, I think the guy deserves whatever break I can give him, since he's being persecuted by the Stepford Wife & Mother. Imagine the irony -- The Weather Underground being dissed by weather girl.)

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soxanne said...

Ohhhhhh, I'd missed the irony ... thanks for pointing that out!