Thursday, October 30, 2008

What An Incredible Video


1. I was doing a pretty good job keeping my Irish bladder* in check -- until he started talking about how his generation was dying off. He and my dad, z"l, would be the same age.

2. THEN I started thinking about how he was married for 69 years. I won't get 69 years with my beloved Myfanwe. But I'd like to. (I do realize that this would make us 99 and 97 years old.)

My fondest dream is, in our advanced years, to walk, hand-in-hand, to McDonald's once a week where we each have a Filet-O-Fish and split a diet coke and an order of fries. Then, as we prepare to leave, Myfanwe pulls the scarf around my neck and makes sure my coat is buttoned, and we leave to walk back home to listen to the news, have a pot of tea, and turn in early. I especially like the hand-in-hand part. I like holding her hand.

* Irish Bladder: An organ, about the size of a pea, located right behind the eyes.


Nat said...

I got choked up at the same point. You just know he was thinking about his wife when he paused.

Looking forward to always holding hands with the one you love is a wonderful thing. You're very lucky (and happily, so am I.)

sue said...

You ol' romantic, you! Love your sentiment about holding hands. Unfortunately, I can't see the video.

Anonymous said...

Sue, you can trust this: the video is a killer.

My Irish bladder didn't stand a chance.