Monday, January 19, 2009

Lace & Cakes

This is how I am spending my long weekend:

Welsh tea cakes, the Lacy Wrap from Rowan, and decaf black Ceylon tea.

My friend Sinead -- Hi, Sinead! -- pointed me towards the recipe. (And also the book "A Nice Cup of Tea and a Sit Down: A book about having a sit down, a biscuit, and a nice cup of tea" by Nicey & Wifey.) These cakes are like a cross between an American biscuit and a pancake and a quick bread. They are actually harder to describe than I thought they would be. They are rich and studded (in my variation) with chopped dried apricots and sultanas. Rolled out, cut into rounds, and baked on a griddle. Yum. There are, however, more than we can eat at one sitting. I have been warned away from "jam splits" -- breaking them open, toasting them, then spreading them with jam -- as jam splits are, apparently, "an abomination". Since some of my favorite people/things/foods have been described as "abominations", I might have to try one. But I will do it with the requisite amount of shame...probably hiding it from my family and friends.

I'm also 1.5 repeats into the Lacy Wrap. On slightly bigger needles, so I get an airy, diaphanous look. If it turns out nicely, I plan to give it to my boss' daughter, who is marrying this fall.

I gotta go. The tea cakes are getting cold.


Anonymous said...

Jam splits - here we call them scones. We split them, spread butter on each half, put jam on(strawberry my favourite) and a dollop of thick cream on top. Yum!
Alida South Africa

Cheri said...

They sound heavenly with or without jam!

Would you be offended if I borrowed your idea of printing up my patterns in big print so that they're easier to read? Why haven't I thought of doing that before! What a grand idea. And your lacy wrap looks beautiful, I'll bet blocked out it's impossibly beautiful.

Aidan said...

Cheri: I ENCOURAGE you! I think it was Elizabeth Zimmerman who advocated the use of "lace books".

I don't like charts. I know that puts me into the minority, but I like words, not dits an dots and dashes.

If a pattern is charts only, I have been known to go to the trouble of writing it out.

This pattern I got off Ravelry and all it was already written out. All I had to do was cut, paste, and add page breaks, then blow it up as large as I could. It is SO easy on the eyes. And no more bobbing back and forthe with the eyeglasses!

anne marie in philly said...

I'm with you - I don't get charts, I need words.

and the tea cakes look dee-vine! I'll be right over...(yeah right, you are 800 miles away)...

Susan said...

Welsh cakes...oh yum...and a cuppa.
They're not a scone or a tea biscuit or a pancake...they defy description and are best eaten when warm.
I'm with you and the large print outs....I also use a postie note to mark my place.....when going to get more Welsh cakes.....sigh