Tuesday, January 13, 2009


I happen to like winter. No, that isn't entirely accurate.

I LOVE WINTER! I love snow. I love snowstorms. I love winter, pure and simple. Because I love winter and I love snow, I live in Chicago, though oftentimes I spend a portion of the winter bemoaning how those lucky people in Indiana and Buffalo, New York get all the good snow. I am at my happiest when it is snowing like a scene from The Long Winter.

I don't understand Chicagoans -- particularly TV weatherpersons in Chicago. I'm not exaggerating -- at the very first hint that so much as a flake of snow could possibly fall from the sky they start running around in front of the camera screaming, "Oh my G-d! We're all going to die!" The next thing I know people are stalking around, whispering, asking if it's possible the office might close early "because of the weather". Complete strangers expect me to empathize as they moan and groan about it being a "freezing" 28 degrees.

This is Chicago, people! Man up! Quit your bellyachin' and grow a pair! We don't go home early because it might snow! We don't even go home early if it DOES snow. The worst thing that could happen is we get snowed in and end up sleeping under our desks, which, far from being the end of the world, builds character! Try to look on the bright side! If we do all sleep under our desks, I bet the firm will bring in breakfast!

This week we are expecting a blast of arctic air, with daytime high temperatures hovering at the -2 degree mark. And I have a response to every person who feels entitled to bitch and moan.

"To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven..." So shut up already.


Kristy said...

"The worst thing that could happen is we get snowed in and end up sleeping under our desks, which, far from being the end of the world, builds character!"

This is *exactly* why I keep emergency yarn in my office. It's not the prospect of sleeping under my desk that worries me - it's doing so without having anything to knit on! *gasp*

PICAdrienne said...

Seattle (badly) survived our blast of sub-freezing temperatures, and we are NOT used to it, or equipped for it. I would think Chicago would not even blink at snowstorms and capital C cold temps.

Aidan said...

THE ANGRY PROFESSOR wrote the following, which I, accidently, deleted. Something I would never do to the Angry Professor. Her comment:

Angry Professor has left a new comment on your post "WINTER":

Chicago is one of my favorite places in the world. I lived there for two years.

Because of those two winters, I have elaborate retirement plans involving sun, beaches, palm trees, citrus, and freesia. I will never, ever, ever live in Chicago again. Chicago + growing up in the northern Midwest = My Share.

You can visit me in Palm Beach when you get tired of the snow.

Cheri said...

I grew up on the coast of California, with two seasons, cold and foggy, or hot. I've lived the last 17 years in Colorado with four lovely seasons. I love each season as it comes and goes. I'm enjoying our winter, love love love the snow.

Tracy said...

I like your attitude! I grew up in Texas, the land of the long, hot, miserable summers. Moved north as soon I had the chance. Now I live in the Finger Lakes of upstate NY--not the part that gets absolutely walloped with snow, but we do get our fair share. I love the fact that we have four actual seasons--and that includes a real winter with real snow and temps that dip below zero from time to time. I try to achieve balance by being both a knitter and a gardener, though, so I can find pleasure in what every season brings.