Friday, May 22, 2009


I took today off from work. I've been working a lot of hours since the first of the year, and they have been pretty stressful hours, at that. And since I only work a half day on Fridays, and Monday is a holiday (Memorial Day, for my non-US readers), I decided to take 3.5 hours off and get myself a 4 day weekend! Woo hoo!

We've been having a bit of construction work done in our dining room and Norbert's room, and we had to move everything out of those rooms -- so our house is chaos. Despite that, MY plan was to spend today doing nothing but eating, napping, knitting, and maybe listening to a little music on the iPod.

Instead I:

  • went to Home Depot and bought flower boxes, flowers, and some house plants (on super sale!);
  • went to Target and bought a shade for the light in Norbert's closet;
  • planted the flower boxes;
  • cleaned up the back porch;
  • hung curtains;
  • moved book cases into Norbert's room;
  • moved the dining room rug into place;
  • took the dining table apart in the living room and reassembled it in the dining room, along with 8 chairs and pads;
  • did a bit of grocery; and
  • picked up Norbert from school.
I am so tired.

Tomorrow we have a bat mitzvah in the morning. Sunday we have to go to Ikea to buy Norbert's new bed, desk, and closet system.

Monday we are driving to Shipshewana, Indiana to buy bread flour, all purpose flour, and yeast from an Amish general store I love. And we'll might, possibly, maybe have a piece of pie (or two) at the Amish-run restaurant next door.

I don't know when I'm going to be able to work in some knitting and tea time. But it is my hope and prayer that the opportunity will avail itself.

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