Thursday, May 07, 2009

Well, Poop!

I got the brochure in the mail today for Stitches Midwest. Galina Khmeleva is teaching a 6-hour introductory class on Orenburg lace, and Joan Schrouder is teaching a 6-hour class on Shetland shawls.

So why the poppy outlook? Because $285 is too dear a price -- at least in a year when we are also paying for a bar mitzvah. (For my non-Jewish readers, this is, roughly, the same as paying for a wedding reception for 200 guests...and then another afterward for another 100.)

Speaking of the bar mitzvah, I've been thinking of knitting a lace shawl for Myfanwe to wear on the bimmah. It is the practice in our shul that women cover their head out of respect when on the bimmah. Myfanwe doesn't like the little doilies the shul has for women, and I suggested a shawl similar in size and shape to those worn by Muslim women...only out of fine lace. So now I have to figure out what pattern I should use. Any suggestions?


Susan said...

Winter 07, Knitty, Ice Queen, I would make it larger so it would drape lossley around the face. I see the bar mitzvah is in February so I was thinking this might be suitable with some alterations.

Cheri said...

Perhaps a Mantilla? (which is basically a triangle shawl worn as a head covering in the Catholic church). I don't know if there's very many patterns on the web and it's been years and years since I've set foot in a Catholic Church, but I remember some of the women had beautiful Mantillas. I don't know what is appropriate in Temple, but I am sure that you will find something beautiful for your sweetie.