Friday, February 09, 2007


I have had an epiphanal moment of self-awareness. I am a terrible, terrible person and you should not read any further because I am sure you are far too decent a person to sully yourself with any further association with me.

What brought to my attention that which has been painfully obvious to anyone who has ever met me, you ask?

This picture from the Calvin Klein show at New York Fashion Week.

I don't remember the last time I was this happy! What, you are asking, has brought me such joy? That should be obvious to even the untrained eye. It's the 5" stiletto pump laying in the background! Oh, the rapture! Would that I could have been there to see. Terrible that it distracts from this GORGEOUS coat, which I think is the most elegant, wearable, refined, scrumptious coat I've seen this season. But, now that I have given the coat the appropriate attention, we can return to the shoe! Oh dear. It's like it's Christmas.

Also in the Fall/Winter Calvin Klein collection is this perfectly lovely sweater. It's not as scrumptious as the coat, but that may be because another model had already picked up the shoe. After that it was all down hill.

Badgeley Mishka gave us this ethereal piece. I like everything about this dress. Everything, everything, everything. Well, except that it looks like the models left boob is about 3 sizes bigger than the right. But if your nickname is Lefty...

Vera Wang was a boring disappointment, drawing her inspiration, as she most certainly must have, from Little Edie Beale in Grey Gardens. I was ever so tempted to channel Little Edie, but instead I think I'll put on a one-piece bathing costume and pin a tablecloth to my forehead.

Zac Posen's collection was so boring I couldn't find one picture worthy of a second look. OK, there were a few nice pieces, but nothing to write home about. Except he looked great taking his bow. When I grow up I want to look just like him. He's such a nice Yiddishe kop. Maybe in the fall there will be something worth posting.

That is all for today. Now I can get back to work on my secret tea cozy.


Natalia said...

You crack me up! i don't know what's funnier, the shoe, the left boob, or the looks on the faces of those hungry models.

mc78 said...

Are you kidding me? That Calvin Klein coat makes that pinhead model look fatter than Tyra Banks.