Tuesday, February 13, 2007


It is snowing hard here in Chicago -- so hard that the City has shut Lake Shore Drive, the major artery leading to our neighborhood. I had to work late, so Myfanwe took the bus to pick up Norbert, then had to wait in the snow for a bus that never came, forcing them to walk the mile from Norbert's school to our house. The whole process took her 2 hours and 20 minutes. My drive home took over an hour...we arrived home within minutes of each other.

I happen to love snow. I love the way it makes the world look and sound. I like making a pot of tea, curling up in a comfy chair, and knitting. That is how winter nights are supposed to be.

A few days ago I started knitting the cozy on the left out of lovely red and lime yarns I died myself. The colors are quite nice, but I didn't really like the way the pattern knitted -- I've never really enjoyed color work, and this isn't fun color work. When I realized I was knitting too tight and it wasn't going to fit my large teapot, I ripped it back and decided to rethink.

So if anyone knows a good cozy pattern, let me know. And hurry -- before the tea gets cold!


Mary said...

LOVE the cozies! Never have made one in all my years of knitting but I might have to!

I took the Metra home tonight...waited 2 hours on the platform with hundreds of others. No trains were coming in. So frustrating. I thought driving would have been better but after reading your post...don't think so.

mc78 said...

My coworker spent 5 hours on the road! What if you had to pee? And he was low on gas.

Anyway, I love that purple and green cozy. Why change it?

hugs said...

I have no tea cozy patterns. I have a water heater that I always leave plugged in, so I've never needed one. I do however, love the Edward Gorey story, "The Haunted Tea Cosy." This is Hugo. I miss you, even though we didn't spend much time together. It has been snowing terribly here in Colorado, too, but I think right now it's more difficult in Chicago than it is here. I've just been hiding in the house, because I don't start my new job until the 19th.

Nat said...

That's a lovely tea cozy!

I am so glad i was able to work from home yesterday, i don't even want to think about what my commute would have been like. Brrrr.

Anonymous said...

I am making this one(http://www.knitting-and.com/knitting/patterns/teacosies/cable-teacosy.htm) I found at knittingpatterncentral.com. (I also checked out possiblities here http://www.knittingknonsense.com/links.html)Joelle Hoverson has a nice one in the book Last Minute Knitted Gifts. I might do this (http://www.catbordhi.com/free_patterns.html)without the "neck" next. If you need to use the lime and red try this (http://megan.cc/BicolourCosy/)or this (http://www.twoswansyarns.com/cgi-bin/category.cgi?item=TSY-FI-01&template=pattern) And here is one just because it had red and lime yarns(http://www.oceanwindknits.ca/sectionpage2.asp?blog=knitting-patterns-whimsies&id=59&cmts=yes)
Looks like another cold weekend in Chicago with a warm pot of tea and knitting projects.

goblinbox said...

I spent three hours surfing through tea cozy images at Flickr last week and didn't find *anything* I had to knit. Finding a good cozy pattern ain't easy, no sir.