Thursday, February 08, 2007



Michael Kors, Project Runway's answer to Simon Cowell, presented a lovely collection during NY Fashion Week at Bryant Park. Aside from there being a lot of fur, my quibbles are few. But not nonexistent.

Call me sexist, but, much like bustiers, thongs, or miniskirts, the cowl works better on women than on men.

Maybe it's the combination of the belted coat and the cowl, but the outfit makes the model look effete. And I don't think the fabrics of the jacket and the trousers go well together.

Now HERE the cowl works well. I think it makes her look warm and inquisitive and cuddly. And the rest of the outfit is lovely as well. Reminiscent of Anne Welles. (Does anyone get the VOTD reference?) As usual, I want to buy this poor, starving girl a chocolate bar, but the outfit is flawless.

My first thought on seeing the picture above was that the guy looked like a big, walking penis. Uncircumcised. Then I noticed the coat. Lovely. I'm not so sure about the scarf/sash thingy, though, but lovely. Too bad about the foreskin, though.

The gentleman above looks as if he is being eaten by mutant knitwear. Which is a shame, as, again, the coat he is wearing is quite nice.


My first response upon see the above photo? "What will $50 get me, Hooker Smurf?" I'm pretty sure she's looking for Daddy Smurf!

Could this dress be any less flattering? This woman looks like an anorexic socialite accidentally stumbled onto the runway after a 3 martini breakfast. Do you think a fifth of vodka (or bourbon, or Scotch for that matter) would fit in that handbag? Or maybe a barf bag? I'm sure that would come in handy. Krikey.


Kate A. said...

Hooker smurf!

That made me snort...thank you for these posts. I've never enjoyed fashion week until now!

Diane said...

On the last season on Project Runway, Nina Garcia was ripping into one of the designs saying, "Why wears cowl necks anymore?" Guess the answer is everyone who is cool.