Saturday, July 07, 2007


All those fears about dropping dead in the chair were for naught. The surgery was a success, though something tells me I may need a little more. But not to worry.

The post-op pain is different from, and somehow more bearable than the pre-op pain. I'm not even taking great drugs. The swelling makes me look like Ted Kennedy. I've got jowls that would make my beloved childhood hampster, Ernestine, envious. (I probably could store an entire Boston Market family meal with a gallon of lemonade, extra sides, AND a whole pie in these puppies!)

Sorry if I made you worry for nothing. Well, not for nothing. You have the kugel recipe now, so you won't have to ask for it when I do finally kick it.

Shalom, y'all. And thanks.

P.S. I have arrived. Rabbitch left a comment on my blog! I feel like Steve Martin, "The new phone book's here! The new phone book's here!"


hugs said...

I'm glad it has turned out well. Thanks for the recipe. I've never had it with pineapple, although Mike says this is excellent.

And yes, the new phone book is here!

Leslie said...

So you lived :) Of course there was never any doubt. Enjoy the soft foods - maybe you could also have a malted milk if you let it warm up slightly? After all, you have to keep your strength up.

anne marie in philly said...

mazel tov! you are still among us...

NOBODY could look as bad as ted kennedy, even with a whole boston market dinner for 4 stuffed in your cheeks.

so get better and resume knitting!

mc78 said...

Aah. Hamsters! Smile.