Friday, January 20, 2006

Aaaaah. This is More Like It!


I do love winter the best! There ie really nothing more beautiful or serene than the world covered in freshly fallen snow! Of course, right now what we have isn't exactly snow, more like snow mixed with sleat. But it we expect between 4 and 6 inches tonight. Do you know what that means?


And since I am expecting to have some minor surgery on my feet tomorrow, I will have pretty much unlimited opportunities to knit this weekend. As long as I stay propped up in bed or the recliner. Maybe I can get a nice chunk of that wrap behind me.

I ordered the pattern for the felted clogs yesterday. I decided to make the clogs as my project for the Knitting Olympics. Bless that Yarn Harlot and her great ideas! Even more reason to get through with this infernal wrap.


But they mustn't stitch simultaneously without being sued.

Most knitters have heard about the controversy. A New York sewing store has forced all Stitch n Bitch groups in the country to change their names, which has resulted in a great deal of ill will and animosity towards the company, So Fast, So Crappy, or something like that. (Knitting isn't even their gig! AND they claim there was no use of the term Stitch n Bitch before 1997 -- which would really surprise my Stitch n Bitch group fron 1994!)

Like many other Sitchin Bitches, I feel angry and victimized and powerless. And I worry that my "Stitches in Britches" name will be stolen from me and my mens group will someday have to stop using the name. Don't say "It'll never happen!" It could happen again. I'd register the trademark myself, but it costs somewhere around $240 just to register.

Knitting can be so calming...I think I'll make a pot of herbal tea and get a bit of knitting in.

I hope it snows a lot!


the fiddlin' fool said...

Amen to the snow! I'm such a northern boy when you think about it. I only hope it holds off enough to get Meg home from work. I'm sure the roads will be clear by tomorrow evening, when we're expecting almost 30 people for Supper.

I'm thinking about doing the Olympics myself. If I do it, it'll be a baby sweater with an intarsia hamster across the front (back?)

Aidan said...

An intarsia hampster...ok. Duckies are out?

And what time were we supposed to be there for supper again?

boobookittyfug said...

Just drove home from Loopy in that sleet. I saw your flyers. Kewl. If I do the olympics I'm thinking maybe the Shedir hat. I want to make one anyway, and it may take me that long to get the yarn in house. It's small, but my personal best must take into account how busy I am these days.

Your foot -- Steve just had surgery last week for some bent toes. Hope all goes well. Keep the bandage dry!


meg said...

26 people, 30 people, 33 people ... it's rapidly making little difference to me ... I'm trusting in the Powers of the Potluck to save me, even though nobody is bringing an extra room, which is what I really need.

Terrilee said...

1994??? I started my Stitch and Bitch group in 1984!!!
So much for copyrights.

sahara said...

I live in New York and my friend who teaches sewing there was fired for speaking out against it. Thank goodness he's a talented costumer and got another job.

My aunt pulled her flyer that she saved from her old stitch and bitch group; it's OLD. She now wants to go to court with it, and wave it in their face, she says. I love her, she's so feisty.

HB said...

Clogs? From where did you order this pattern? I'm intrigued and lord knows should always have another project-in-waiting.

Aidan said...

I ordered the pattern from I'm using the fibertrends pattern, and I have heard it is very simple to knit. I think I will have to transcribe it onto the computer, as it is difficult to read the pattern -- so many rows plotted on colored paper.

I'm planning to knit three pair for my project for the Knitting Olympics (Go Team Wales!), but I can only swatch for now. I can't cast on until the opening ceremonies!

hb said...

Thanks for the info! I'll go take a look when I get home, since knitting patterns are a little explicit for work surfing.

Good luck with the Knitting Olympics. I am considering jumping in, but might be too much in training to commit. ;-)