Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Oh What a Night!

I picked up NancyKwik last night and headed for the new Stitch and Bitch hosted by the Museum of Contemporary Art on the first Tuesday of the month. Last December was their first, and I heard they had about 4 people.

Well what a difference a month makes! I would guess there were 50 knitters -- and I wasn't the only guy. The incredibly talented Franklin Habit met us there. Whew. I can't tell you how much more enjoyable it is to have someone around to take half of the rude glares, half of the insulting comments, half of the condecending questions...

It was really amazing how many people were there. And the space couldn't have been better -- it is walled off from the rest of the museum, so we didn't have to keep it down, there was plenty of room for everyone, and they had really good spiced tea. I was happy.

I had arranged to meet up with Franklin to discuss pulling together a Mens Group -- there are obviously enough men knitting in Chicago, I think it would be a lot of fun to not be the odd man out -- at least just once in a while. If you are a guy, a knitter, and a resident of the Metro Chicago area, click the Yahoo link at the far right and join up. We aren't going to set a time and place until we have at least a dozen members to poll. So join already!

Franklin is a stitch -- so if you haven't read his blog, grab yourself a cup of coffee and settle in for some good writing, some funny delivery, and some delightful illustrations. I really, really dig the sheep. I think he should develope a line of stationary with the sheep.

I definitely plan to go back to the MCA SnB, but I don't think I can add any more knitting groups to my schedule. I've got a regular Monday night, a Tuesday once a month, and I'll soon (kinehara) have a Stitches in Britches to attend. More than that and my wife is going to kill me!

The woman on the right in this photo was wearing a sweater her grandmother had knit for her mother, which she inherited when her mother passed away. I thought that was such a nice and comforting thought. My son may pass on sweaters or scarves that I made for him. That's a pretty powerful idea.

I am currently knitting on the wrap which I making to donate to a fundraiser at my son's school. I had to rip it all the way out yesterday -- my guage was off -- but I'm glad I did, because I must ahve cast on the wrong number of stitches, because my pattern was off as well. I wouldn't have know otherwise until I'd started the second piece, and then it would have been too late to rip back! I feel very fortunate.

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Latoya said...

Oh, I wish I could join you all in the knitting bliss. So many experiences and levels of skill in one place. That sounds nice to have so many of us in one place.
Happy knitting!