Saturday, January 21, 2006


After reading Meg's post on the Two Sock Knitters blog, I laughed out loud at her description of a guy in a bar asking what guys do at a "Knit Club" for guys.

Imagine my elation ... amazement ... horror ... when I viewed the video short Knit Club!

I wonder if they had a Knitting consultant? Not one who was able to teach a college boy to knit, apparently, but somebody had to put that knitting on the needles.

And on the knitting weather, my joy shall be diminished and shortlived. We only got about an inch of snow where we are and it will probably melt by tomorrow noon. And those lucky people out in Northwestern Illinois got all the snow, and now they are on the news complaining about it. Some people...don't they know that a snowstorm is G-d's invitation to knit and drink cocoa?

I'll tell you this...snow or no snow, when I get back from the foot docs, I'm laying in bed and knitting. And I won't complain about it, either. Unless my wife tries to medicate me with cocoa from a packet!


Anna said...

Hey guys- come check out my new knitting blog-

and support your fellow knitters out there! :-)


the fiddlin' fool said...

I especially liked the one guy's interpretation of knitting. He was poking at the garment with both needle tips pointing towards the ground, making a V in the air.

My guess is that the one guy actually does knit and thought to make a short about it. At one point, you can actually see him wrapping the needle correctly.