Tuesday, February 28, 2006



It truly was the fulfillment of a dream. I'd wanted for years to find a project for reclaiming yarn, and I've wanted to knit clogs from the first time I saw a pattern.

Overall, I enjoyed the experience. But I learned a few things about myself. I don't like short rows, and I don't particularly like FiberTrends patterns. I'm sure the Jackass who came up with the idea of printing their patterns on teal paper was very proud of his/herself, but I have a whole list of adjectives for people like them...and none of them can be printed in case my cousin the nun reads my blog. (My cousin, Sr. Clemente, keeps at least my
public language much more...um...acceptable. Luckily she teaches medieval literature, so after Chaucer, it'll take a lot to shock her. She is possibly the nicest person alive in the world today, and it would kill me to disappoint her.)

Anyway, I digress...again. Back to the FiberTrends Jackass.

(Teal Paper + Small black type) + (short rows x 2 clogs per pair) x multiple sizes = Aidan having cursing fits and several less than stellar parenting moments.

What I finally did was to type the pattern for each size into a different spreadsheet on the computer and then print them up in large type on ledger-sized paper. I'm so glad I went to the trouble, because even then it was easy to loose my place. I will always be reticent about buying FiberTrends again, but if I should have to, I'll know that it means allowing the extra time for data entry.

But, despite the challenges, I went for and won The Gold. And victory is sweet.


Elisabeth said...

Congratulations! The clogs look fabulous. Sorry to hear about the pattern issues. I think I'll be staying away from those patterns myself.

I'm so jealous. I don't have any relatives who are nuns and I'm Catholic

knitti-me said...

Congratulations on the GOLD! The clogs are really, really wonderful.

I'm with you on the silly teal colored FiberTrends patterns - WTF?! I suppose it discourages making unauthorized copies - but really...

helen said...

Yep, the teal is to prevent copyright violations.

When they first started, it was a huge problem. I'm sure it's still a problem, but most store owners at least now resist the urge to just make copies.

Too bad they don't at least use a large enough font!

Beth said...

Actually, the teal isn't to prevent copyright violations, it's just to stand out from the crowd. And now they feel they can't change, if I remember correctly. The good news is that there are copiers that will make clear copies of things with colored backgrounds, you just have to find one.

Ethan said...

I am so glad I stumbled across your blog! I am working on the same pattern (having finished my Olympic project) and the teal and small type is driving me nuts.

I finally broke down and did what you did, just typed the darn thing up and printed it out on glorious white paper with a clear font. It makes me feel better to know that someone else was ready to scream after dealing with that pattern...

Yay for your Olympic project though! They look super, I hope my clog turn out as well. Feel free to check out my Olympic project. I am obnoxiously proud of it! :)


boobookittyfug said...

Those look like some very happy feet. Good job!

Carol M.