Thursday, February 23, 2006


As I walked the quarter-mile from my parking garage to my office along the Chicago River, I was reminded why I love living in the city so much.

Coming towards me on the Riverwalk I noticed a young woman wearing a parka, headphones, and an interesting knit hat with ear flaps.

The gurl was jammin'. Really. Gettin' down with her bad self. Sliding and pivoting and shuffling along. She was dancin' and swingin' and movin' to the groovin'.

Another person might have thought her mentally unbalanced and been a little frightened. Others might have resented her lack of respect for normative pubic behavior.

Me? Honestly, my first reaction was to ask myself, "I wonder what song she's listening to?"



The third pair of clogs is knit and felted and is currently sitting near a radiator at home, awaiting my return. When I get home I plan to slip my poor, sore feet into them and take a victory lap around the living room.


While discussing my need to block the pieces of the Eff-ing Wrap, one of my Bitches*, NancyKwik, told me about blocking wires, which seem like exactly the thing I need to block the hell out of the eff-ing 1x1 ribbing without ending up with a lot of scallops from where the pins were. Alas, it is too late for me to order any, so I am going to stop at Home Depot and buy some inflexible wire to use for blocking the damn thing. (The sooner I get it finished and shaped and out the door, the happier I'll be. The eff-ing thing has been hanging over my head for two months. It's beautiful, but it was sooooooo boring to knit.)

*I am not a woman-hating swine. "My Bitches" is a term of endearment I use for members of one or more of my Stitch n Bitch groups. Please do not write me calling me a misogynist. You can call me a lot of things, including Liberal, Communist, Fat, Lazy, Dim, Dopey, and Unpleasant. I am or could honestly be mistaken for any or all of those things on any given day. But I like women.


meg said...

I suspect your first thought was not "what song is she listening to," but, "How was that hat knit?" It's cool, Aidan, we understand.

lisa said...

I felt the same way recently, just wanted to get the thing blocked and didn't have a ton of pins, I used metal skewers, you know the long ones for bbqing? They worked great! Not so good for marshmallows tho. The metal gets too hot. Perfect for sweater blocking. Lisa