Monday, February 13, 2006

Olympic Update; Birthday Party; Miners & Golddiggers.

Lots to cover, so let me get right to it:


I cast on during the Opening Ceremonies, but was really disappointed that they weren't being carried live any place that I could find. So I listened to Brenda Dayne's latest podcast episode. Let's just say she made me blush!

So far I have completed one pair of size 6 clogs (for Norbert) in Gryffindor colors -- burgandy and gold. I'm half way through a second pair, Size 8, for Myfanwe in the same colors. Then It will be my turn, in basic black.

Birthday Doin's

We celebrated Norbert's Golden Birthday -- he was 9 on the 9th -- with fireworks, dinner, and a sleepover with his best friend, also Norbert. The two Norberts could be confusing. Especially since they are best friends, went to the same school, and like to spend time with each other. So we called them Norbert G. and Norbert I. Then, one day when they were around 5, both of the Norberts decided to change their names. The only problem was they both decided to change their names to Nope. So I had Nope G. and Nope I. Nope I. soon got slurred into No Pie -- just about the saddest name I could imagine -- and the name has stuck. I sometimes forget his name isn't No Pie!

So -- No Pie, Norbert, Myfanwe and I went to my office Saturday night and, from the 32nd floor windows looked down upon the fireworks display -- part of Winter Delights. It was really something. Then we went to the plaza where we had free hot chocolate from The Signature Room at the Hancock Center (Yum!), watched tango lessons, and the boys had their pictures taken with roving candy bars.
(l to r, Norbert , Reeses, and No Pie.)

From there we went to dinner at Buca Di Beppo. The place was packed, so I'm glad we had made reservations. Buca is a fun place -- decorated with thousands of strange pictures on the walls, Italian music playing, lots of laughing. The theme of the pict
ures in the Gents room is statues of men peeing and/or pictures of little boys taking a pish. Cute.

My favorite room at Buca is the Pope Room. We've never had dinner the
re -- there is a minimum number of people required -- but it is quite fun looking. The people eating there didn't seem to mind it when I took their picture.

An unexpected party of 60 college kids arrived...without reservations... and had to spend quite a while in the bar. They were very strangely attired, making me think they were a frat/sorority party. A bunch of the men were dressed like miners, and all of the women werre dressed like floozies, so Myfanwe decided it was a "Miners & Golddiggers" theme. But then a lot of the guys were dressed like bad pimps, so I have no idea what the theme really was.

When they brought Norbert's cake, the waitress invited everyone nearby to sing Happy Birthday. The only problem was she made a mistake with Norbert's name, so about 100 people (include a large number of Miners & Golddiggers) sang "Happy Birthday Dear Miller!" We laughed until it hurt. Then Norbert decided that he was going to change his name to Miller Light. So No Pie then decided to change HIS Bud Light. The Light Brothers! For the rest of the weekend we had to call them by their new names, or they wouldn't answer. Oi.
Wouldn't you like to taste this woman's meatballs?


I still have not found Julie Pack. If anyone has any information which might help me find her, I'd be most greatful. Please see my blog entry for more details. And thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you to those people who have tried. I appreciate it. Sorry no pictures of the clog -- I packed the camera in my knitting bag and then forgot the damn bag at home. So it's double rotten luck. But maybe tomorrow.


bluecanary said...

Awesome birthday report! Although now I have Kanye West on endless loop in my head. Good going on the Olympic Slipper challenge as well. What is your goal total? How do you like the pattern? I am going to be making some felted clogs and was going to be making Fuzzy Feet but maybe a different pattern would be better...

Elisabeth said...

Sounds fabulous! FYI, Beppo's has a table in the kitchen. It's a booth and you have to make reservations, but I don't think they have a minimum number of people (can only seat around 6 people anyway). You get to watch all the food going out and the staff are really fun. Took my friends and my sis who wants to be a chef there once and we had a blast.

Susan said...

Pimp n' Ho party. Definatly. Been to one myself. And I love Bucca's too, way too much fun.

Franklin said...

A blessing on Noah's smart little head. What a lovely birthday.

The "Golddigger" spilling out of her bra in your photograph is pretty much just dressed for class, based on what I see at work daily. That includes the fur collar.

I blame that Christina Aquafina or whatever the hell her name is.

Christine said...

I love BdB. I've taken groups to the Pope room and it is very fun. I wonder if they put the new Pope's head in the box? Your story reminded me about how we had to call my neice, now 28, Annie for a few years (her real name is rose marie) because she loved the movie!

Christine said...

I've taken folks to BdB - love the Pope room. Wondering if they've changed Pope heads in the box on the table? Your story reminded me of when we all had to call my neice (4 then, 28 now,) Annie. She loved that movie! "Oh, my goodness, oh, my goodness!"

Catherine said...

I am new to your blog and was reading back through some of your entries so I apologize for the lateness of this. What you said about Julie caught my attention and I was thinking about ways you might try to find her. If you know she was in Colorado at some point, you may want to try contacting the symphony there. If she (or her husband) was playing you might be able to find them that way. Also, you might try contacting Northwestern. Schools often keep in touch with alumni and although they are unlikely to give you her contact info. they may be willing to send her a message with your info so that she can contact you if she likes.