Thursday, May 22, 2008

Day Eleven -- The Main Event

They arrived without fanfare.

They brought us a few boxes.

Then they left.

The mah jongg table, upon which we had been eating dinner, is now in the sun room. The couch is half in the sun room and half in the living room. I don't know how exactly I am going to get in to the thick of this and get to Norbert's trombone, which he needs for a Lag B'Omer talent show at school, but I will get it somehow.

There is one HUGE cabinet in the dining room. It was too damn big to move any farther. The two delivery guys couldn't get it up the last flight of stairs, so I enlisted the help of 2 of the tile guys and together the five of us got it up. It's 8 feet tall. Oi.

I felt kind of sorry for the delivery guys. We ordered the best cabinets the company made, made from solid wood, with all of the heavy upgrades. If it made the cabinets more sturdy or durable, we bought it. Damn the expense...or weight! So basically every box was like toting an oak tree up the stairs. I think I saw one of the delivery guys cry.

They really are going to be beautiful, though. Amazingly beautiful. I can't wait for next week.

Today they laid the tile in the pantry. (I can't wait to see the pantry -- and it's new mud roomlet -- after it has been drywalled!)

They cleaned the tile in the kitchen three or more times. Almost all of the haze is off. Tomorrow, all this beautiful tile will be grouted. I think Saturday will be plaster for the ceiling and some drywall stuff. Tuesday -- alas, the first time I've been disappointed by a three-day weekend -- they will start installing the cabinets.

I really miss being able to cook. So, in the name of sanity, I've been making lists in my head of the things I want to cook once my New Convection Oven (140) with its Six (Count em!) Burners is installed. I've been thinking about the first Shabbat dinner (after the house is clean).

First Shabbat Dinner

Homemade Challah
Homemade Gefilteh Fish
Chicken Soup
Potato Kugel
Steamed Cauliflower
Chicken Leg Quarters stuffed with Kishke
Pineapple Pie
Rum Raisin Pie

That's a meal to keep you sane, isn't it?


Cat said...

Hi! I heard you were getting a new convection oven! Really!?!? WOW!?!? How awesome!!! I bet the bread coming out of it with those tiles are going to be to die for. I'm jealous.


Sue said...

You are starting to make my mouth water and my stomach growl!