Thursday, May 15, 2008

Day Three

Dinner: Veggie burgers, cooked in our FlavorWave countertop convection oven, purchased by my mother from late-night television. Saffron rice. Steamed broccoli.

Progress: No pictures, because most of the progress wasn't photogenic. Yesterday we got a couple new doors? Today we got one less...the old door to Norbert's bedroom, which is now no longer necessary, since he now has a suite. They managed to take the header and wall above the door out, as well, which makes the space look a lot bigger.

The electrical re-wiring continued, as did installation of recessed lighting.

What is on the scedule for Thursday? Who knows! I do know that they are planning to lay the underlayment for the tile floor, which sounds exciting. Underlayment is just one step away from tile, right? And tile is just one small step from walls and cabinets and counters, right? I know, it doesn't work that way. The cabinets aren't delivered until the 22nd, anyway. But a man can dream.

Oh -- they are planning to take the doors off the refrigerator and move it out of the kitchen. That means they are almost done, right? Please! Throw me a bone! Any kind of encouraging word!

I sent an e-mail to my closest friends apologizing for my previous Pollyanna attitude, and begging forgivement for every glib "Oh, a little dirt isn't going to take ME down!" in response to their insistance that the dirt would make me crazy. I also pleaded with them to invite us for a warm, dust-free dinner. So far we are booked Saturday, Sunday, and Monday, so it worked our pretty well. And not one of them said "I told you so." I have really exceptional friends.

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