Thursday, May 22, 2008

Day Eleven -- The Preview

I just couldn't wait until later to show you this. Luis and his Tile Crew have been doing a wonderful job on the floor. The pantry is tiled, and I think they are starting to grout in a few minutes. And in their spare time, they managed to do me a little, tiny favor. They cut enough tiles to line two half-sheet pans, which now gives me two brick hearth pans upon which I shall bake bread in my New Convection Oven. Did I mention I was getting a New Convection Oven? Really? Only one hundred thirty-eight times?

But seriously -- once the tiles are cleaned up, they are going to be of great use. Preheated for 30 minutes, these pans are going to give my hearth breads a crispy bottom crust and just the boost they need to really bloom in the oven. And I bet they will work with pizza, too. Woo hoo! I can't wait for that New Convection Oven to be installed. Did I mention I'm getting a New Convection Oven? Really? Only one hundred thirty-nine times?

I'm going to be insufferable, Y'all.


Anonymous said...

But your bread is going to be awesome!! :D

Leslie said...

You're making me laugh - joy is contagious! Even though I'm jealous I'm so envious and happy for you. Keep us posted on the progress please!