Monday, May 12, 2008

Day One.

Dinner: Gardenburger Riblets on whole wheat buns with red onion and a mixed green salad with tomatoes and spicy French dressing.


Like the old song says, "What a difference a day makes."

Or, for a slightly different perspective, the view from the back door:

(I know what you are thinking. Right now there's a voice in your head shouting loudly "I LOVE what you've done with the place!" It sounds a lot like Paul Lynd. Early, before the booze and pills. The same voice often occupies my head.)

The contractor made a great discovery in the pantry. This is what it looked like before:

As they were demolishing the pantry they discovered this:

This is a remnant of the old ice box. Remember, this apartment was built before electricity. And long before refrigeration. We are absolutely ecstatic...we are asking the contractor to drywall the alcove and we plan to put coat hooks into the "top". I also figure I'll find a metal worker who can make me a galvanized metal tray for the floor where we can put our shoes in the winter! Our own little mud room-let!

Also found behind the counters was a picture of a lovely woman taken at a fancy dress ball of some kind on March 18, 1972. I'm going to keep it and treasure it. When I figure out how to scan the picture, I'll post it so you all can see it.

The workers also found a half a book of 32-cent stamps. When were stamps 32-cents?


Kathy said...

If I recall correctly... 32 cent stamps were about 5 or so years ago. (I remember having to calculate my law school apps, and later, summer jobs, and how much it would costs, which is why the figure sort of sticks in my mind.)

otoh, I could be wrong. I frequently am.

btw, love the knitting stuff!

and I hope you have a decent contractor; our kitchen was redone 4 years ago and the memories are still so nightmarish that we try to block them out or discuss it all as little as possible.

Aidan said...

We have, I believe, found an excellent contractor. His work comes very highly recommended, and he has done some very high end work in my neighborhood, including work for our Famous Neighbor on the corner. While I can relate to wanting to block this out, it isn't because the contractor is bad, but rather because I don't like disorder.

Ginger_nut said...

stamps were 32c in 1997 - the year I lived in the US. Just out of curiousity, how much does it cost to post a letter now???

Alice Teresa said...

My third year in Hyde Park, my tiny bedroom contained the old pantry, including the old icebox. My bed took up much of the pantry space, and then the ice box was built-in bookshelving above my head.

The shelving was nice, but oh was it frigid in winter-- especially for the quarter when the bed was a mattress on the floor.

It was great seeing you in Chicago!