Thursday, May 15, 2008

Day Four

Dinner: Thai delivery. I had basil chicken, Myfanwe had Thai mixed vegetables, and Norbert had Pad Sei Ew.

Progress: Well, technically the first picture was from Day Three, but I took it this morning. There was no electricity in the room, and I thought the morning sunlight was beautiful.

As expected, today saw noticeable progress. The underlayment for the floor is, as promised, laid and secured.

Please note the board nailed up under the window. This covers the big hole they cut through the 18-inch thick brick wall to hold our air conditioner. This is, as they say in the home decorating biz, "A Good Thing".

The back door doesn't look great. I still have to buy new hardware, and it will be sanded and painted the same color as the trip. I hope next year to have a new, custom made door made to fit. One that doesn't have that stupid 70's diamond window in it. But that will have to wait until the budget allows.

It's hard to tell from the picture, but this is another hole in the exterior wall. It will hold both the 6" exhaust pipe from the stove hood and the 4" vent for the dryer. All contained in a soffit half the size of the old one, which allowed us to go with 42" cabinets. I am really excited about having all this new storage space! (Especially since we gave up our storage room, i.e. Norbert's bathroom, to create his tween's suite.)


I spent my lunch hour yesterday with the knitting group at work. I've been so busy for the last several months that I haven't been able to get there. I haven't been knitting at home much the last four weeks -- moving out of the kitchen and planning and designing was a lot of work. And now it is so dusty, I don't even want to bring my knitting into the house. Too much dust. So spending an hour knitting on Little Bird's sweater was a real treat.

Speaking of Little Bird, she's coming to town for a visit over Memorial Day weekend. I'll try to remember to take some pictures, but for now, these recent pics of Little Bird and her moms, George and Maxine, will have to suffice.

Have a great day, dear friends. Check back tomorrow for more construction updates. The DRYWALL crew is supposed to be in!


Anonymous said...

Have faith, your kitchen will be awesome when it's done!

Go Cubbies!

Sam said...

Great work on the kitchen! I may well be in the minority, but I like the diamond door... it's kitschy :)Still saving up to get my kitchen done, so I'm living vicariously through your redecoration posts!