Sunday, January 13, 2008

Currently, my Northernmost reader is from Stockholm, Sweden. My Southernmost reader is currently someone from Melbourne, Australia. I have a regular reader in Japan, and, I'll be jiggered, several regular readers on the African continent. (I love you, Djibouti! You too, Botswana!

On the North American Continent, two of my peeps battle it out for Northernmost readers from North America. They hie from Prince George, British Columbia and Edmonton, Alberta, both in Canada. I don't know which is technically the more-northerly of the two...I imagine, if I tried, I could find out the latitude of both communities and name one the victor, but hell -- people in Prince George and Edmonton already have enough to deal with by way of cold and snow and bear maulings and the like. I'm not gonna make them fight it out. They are both "Ball-Freezing Cold".

I do wonder if it is as cold in Prince George or Edmonton as it is in Stockholm.

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Anonymous said...

I am your Edmonton reader - perhaps not your only one. Cold and snow but not a lot of bear activity in the city. We have about 1 million people. PG looks slightly more north with more trees and probably more bears. According to BBC, Edmonton is colder than Stockholm...but it is a dry cold. :) Enjoy your blog. Thanks for keeping it up.