Thursday, January 17, 2008

The Latest Journey

I think I mentioned many months ago that I was having a lot of oral which left me very sick and in pretty constant pain for more than four months. Three of those months were on a totally soft diet, and the last two months I have had to avoid hard or crunchy things.

Well guess what! That is going to be over soon! Not immediately, but soon.

I have started on the road to having beautiful teeth. I found a dentist I really like -- one who isn't mean or judgmental or holier than I. He seems like a genuine nice guy. I am not kidding you, I've had two appointments with him this week and will have another next Tuesday, and I'm not freaking out. Oooo! Oooo! And I didn't feel any of the shots he gave me. None! I didn't even feel them. So no crying or squealing or braying like a sheep about to be docked.

Next week I go in for a crown on a molar. The next week my invisible braces will be in. 6 to 9 months after that I'll have crowns on the 6 front teeth. And the Lauren Hutton gap between my two front teeth (which has grown over the years to look like I was missing a tooth) will be nonexistant. Soon after that I plan to start my next career as a supermodel! (I heard that, since you can't eat with the invisible braces in your mouth, people using them loose about 10 pounds! That should help me with my supermodeling.)

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Cheri said...

Congratulations on starting on the road to beautiful (and hopefully more comfortable) teeth. I do hope you remember us when you're a famous supermodel :)