Monday, January 07, 2008


Norbert and I went on our congregation's annual retreat in Oconomowoc, Wisconsin this weekend. When this photo was taken, it was 60 degrees outside. It was weird. Beautiful, but weird.

I forgot to post this photo from before my diet started. It is a devil's food cake with 7 minute frosting. The cake recipe, from The Cake Bible, was a disappointment.

Diet is going well. I guess. Save for one small Tootsie Roll, I haven't strayed from my diet. And I haven't hurt anyone yet. Yet. I will be glad when my stomach has reduced in size. I am not altogether fond of this hunger thing. I would bite the head off of a live nun for a basket of cheese fries.


Alice Teresa said...

Very well. I'll eat healthy, you'll eat healthy. You've got yourself a pact, good sir.

I do claim an 11 January exemption for my birthday, though.

And please don't bite the heads off any nuns you happen to be related to...

Cherice said...

The picture of the snow is lovely. In the spring here it's not uncommon to have very warm weather after a snow. It's weird to have snow on the ground and have a 60+ degree day.

The cake looks lovely, but I have that book and I shall mark the recipe with your review.

Watch out for those nuns they're pretty quick and can be quite mean (except Sister "Lizard", she was a peach). And good job on your diet!

gonzomama said...

beautiful photo.