Monday, January 28, 2008

But Some of My Best Friends Are...


I think we can all agree that I am NOT an intellectual heavyweight. Oh, I attended the lectures in Philosophy 402, but I didn't understand a word of them. I went to class, but mostly sat there while the professor talked about Martin Heidegger and Richard Kleindienst and Dog knows what else and allowed myself to be distracted by shiny things. I remain to this day well-intentioned but easily confused.

SO you will understand why this article has left me vehrstimmeled.

When Stephanie Pearl-McPhee says she's Canadian, is she trying to tell me something? Not that I care. Some of my best friends really are Canadian. Or black. Or are they French?

I park my car every day at a parking garage in Chicago's Loop. It is twelve stories high, and, in order to make it easier for people to find their cars, each floor is assigned a "country" and a song associated with that country plays in the elevator lobby on that floor.

As I think I noted, I am easily confused, so I always park in Greece -- the 7th floor. Even though there are spaces on 6 when I pull in in the morning, I drive on up to Greece. And waiting for the elevator I am treated to Kritikos Horos' Theme from Zorba the Greek.

Invariably, on the way down, the elevator stops at 4 to pick up parkers, and Canada's national anthem, Oh Canada, reverently enters my ears.

Now I'm going to suspect the intentions of the 4th floor of the car park.

Do you think the guys who draw Southpark knew about this?


Cheri said...

Oh my. I'd not heard of such a thing, I asked my middle son (whose 17) if he'd heard of such a thing and he asked if that is a bad slang, then what are we to call our friends from the north?.

(And I'm trying to picture a parking garage 12 stories high. I'd never find my car!)

riverchild said...

Unfortunately in my small city to the south of Chicago I have been hearing this term for quite a few years. I keep wondering why people don't get that if they have to look around before they say something or use a term like Canadian that it is a Big sign that they are about to be completely wrong.

I truly enjoy your blog, thanks for creating it!