Saturday, February 23, 2008

It's A Miracle...

I haven't taken more than a handful of good pictures in the last 20 years. A couple from my wedding, a couple from Norbert's bris, and one memorable one from a day we spent in Chinatown a few years back. And then I received this in the mail.

On reflection, I must take good pictures when I am my happiest. I have a migraine as I write this, so I am more emo than I normally am, but if I close my eyes I can literally feel a baby against my chest...and I feel better.


Cheri said...

That is a lovely picture Aiden, I thought that the other pictures you posted of you holding the baby were beautiful too. I loved the joy that showed through those photos (and I don't believe you take a bad one could top my dear mother in law for bad photos).

Hope your head is feeling better.

anne marie in philly said...

does holding little bird bring back memories of norbert when he was that small?

she is a precious girl!

the love you feel for this baby really comes thru on the photos.

little bird is lucky to have your love!

Cinders said...

Litle bird is so gorgeous. I had a look at all your other piccies. its hard to remember when your own were so small.
glad the migraine went. I get them too. yuk!!