Monday, February 18, 2008


The entire week. No gossip. None. I even turned off the network news when they started stories I decided did not meet my journalistic standards. I haven't a clue what is going on, and, what's more, I'm ok with that.


Myfanwe, Norber and I went to St. Louis on Friday for the baby naming of Little Bird*, the new daughter of George and Maxine. (You may recall me writing about the baby shower in December.)

George and Maxine were delivered of a spectacular little girl on January 27th, and she was given her name, Little Bird, yesterday morning. I don't know when I've had so much fun. I love George and Maxine so much, I love who they are together, and I've always believed that the world was a better place because they found each other. Now that I've seen my beloved Little Bird, that belief is validated.

No pictures -- I have to say that the minute I held her for the first time my brain turned completely to jelly and I not only forgot how to opperate a camera, i forgot I owned one. All I wanted to do was to hold her and sing to her and rock her and eat her up.

While we were in St. Louis we had some spectacular meals. We ate Friday night at Mekong on Grand -- a quirky Vietnamese restaurant that made a spectacular bowl of pho. I was having a special bowl with slices of bbq pork, shrimp and crab. First taste? Eeh. It was ok. Good. Very good, in fact. But nothing to blog home about. I asked for a little drizzle of chili oil, which transformed an acceptable dish to a sublime dish! Myfanwe and I loved the food so much, we ordered (and ate) another entree -- a bowl of noodles, grilled chicken, and other yummies topped with the best fish sauce I've ever eaten. (Note: We don't diet from sundown on Friday night to Sundown on Saturday. So we weren't cheating on our diets.)

Saturday lunch we ate at Thai Pizza in the Delmar Loop neighborhood. Thai Pizza sounds incongruous, but was a terrific meal. I wanna go back. Myfanwe wants to sell our home and use the cash to open a Thai Pizza in Chicago. I'm not going to say more about the food -- mostly because I AM dieting today and I'm hungry -- but if you are ever in St. Louis, eat there.

I am having baby withdrawl today, so I think i should start planning our next visit to St. louis to see my Little Bird!

*Names of minors are changed to protect the privacy of the innocent. Names of adults are often changed to protect their privacy or to ensure I'm not violating any restaining orders!

2 comments: said...

Next time you're in St. Louis drive further down grand to Banh Mi So #1. It's the best Vietnamese in St. Louis by most accounts, and their Banh Xeo is spectacularly is their fish sauce.

Basically...if you thought Mekong was good, brace yourself because Banh Mi So #1 is far better.

Sue said...

You got so excited about the baby and the food, you spelled your own son's name wrong!! LOL I love reading your blog!