Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Little Bird's Debut

She's the most beautiful little puffin ever to walk the face of the earth.

Below is a picture of our first meeting...notice the very sharp hat I'd just picked up on Delmar. When this picture was being taken I believe I was saying, "Hello, Little Bird. I'm your Uncle Aidan. You and I are going to be best friends. You are going to tell me all kinds of wild stories and I am going to take you shoe shopping and for spa days and facials and to get you eyebrows threaded. You will be the only girl in grade school with Mac cosmetics or Manolos." She cooed.

A fella could get used to this...
Here I am singing to her. I decided to start with songs of the Irish Resistance, 1800 to 1900...from Bold Robert Emmet to the Bold Fenian Men. And I threw in a few family drinking songs, just for good measure. Proud mom Maxine is on the left and Norbert looks on from the right.

I have to wait a full three weeks before I get to hold her again. Life is not fair.


Anonymous said...

Hold her. Love her. Teach her. Sing and dance together. A little one really grows much, much too fast. Treasure each moment and always negotiate for more time! I have been blessed with 3 nieces and 3 nephews and continue to entire every single moment.

I call myself "The professional Aunt" Tami

Cheri said...

She is so precious. My arms sometimes just ache to hold another baby, and to sing songs to them and smell that wonderful baby smell.....aaahhhh they grow too fast.

Aidan, You look quite svelte, I think I may need some of your diet and exercise tips. Your new hat is quite dapper.

Diane said...

What a sweet little one. Her parents probably would have figured out something was wrong if you had stuck her under your coat and made a hasty run for the door.