Monday, February 04, 2008


There was a moment when Norbert was little...a moment where doubt and insecurity pressed in on me and I asked myself how on earth I could sleep at night knowing I had brought a child into this world -- a world which seemed, at times, devoid of hope, devoid of progress, and filled with vitriol and hate.

There are plenty of reasons to still be woeful. We are a nation at war. We have been at war for seven of his nearly eleven years of life. In his lifetime we have gone from budget surpluses and decreasing national debt to unabashedly spending his inheritance on anything and everything made by or provided by Haliburton.

But you know what? I have hope. I have a lot of it. Listen to this, listen carefully, listen to the words...I bet you have hope too. Tomorrow we will make history in this country.

If your state is holding primaries or caucus', get out and vote. Can we make a difference?

Yes we can. Yes we can. Yes we can.


Leslie said...

Remember a dozen years ago when Hope was the place our president called home? Now, it's a feeling we want to have and nourish instead of the despair so prevalent amongst those of us who are not Halliburton-invested.

Since Kucinich couldn't get heard, Obama's the best "hope" we have in my opinion.

Long live the non-dynastic presidency!

Aidan said...

I don't know, Leslie. Michelle Obama is pretty sharp. We could do a lot worse. (I mean, look at who is president now!)

Chicago Jen said...

Aidan.... Wow. Thanks. That was beautiful.