Thursday, February 07, 2008


What follows is a distillation of the top entertainment headlines today:

  • Actress Kirsten Dunst checkis into Rehab
  • Kevin Federlin Scraps Reality Show Plans Due to Britney Chaos
  • TMS is LIVE at Britney's House in Bev Hills
  • Lufti's New Publicist Makes No Sense
  • Hugh Heffner, Holly Madison Trying for Kids (OK -- that in not only offensive gossip, it is also gross.)
  • Brit's Family to Wasser: Come Back!
  • Sam has NOT Been Served
  • A Day in the Life of a Trainwreck
  • Is That Posh Actually Talking?
  • J.Lo is HUUUUUGE!
  • Ledger Death a lesson
  • Spears' Parents Believe Britney's Life at Risk
  • Michael Jackson Coughs Up $$$ in Taxes on Neverland
  • Ex-Miss Nevada USA Katie Rees Released From jail
  • Ledger's Death Highlights Prescription Drug Issues
  • Britney Leaves Hospital; Parents 'Fear for Her Life'
  • Brandy's Mom: Kim Kardashian, Siblings Had Chance to Avoid Litigation
  • Buzz Briefs: Ex-Miss nevada, Lohan
  • Spears Released from UCLA Hospital
  • Accidental Overdose Killed Ledger
  • DeMornay's Attorney Enters No-Contest Pleas to DUI Charge
  • LAPD on Britney Spears Case

Doesn't that make you spit up a little?

Guess what! National Say No to Lies Week (my very own invention) is February 10 through February 16. Join me in saying no to people who prey on and take pleasure in the misfortune of other. Be sure to tell your friends -- have them swear off, too! Because if people of conscience band together, we CAN win the Truth Wars against the Gossip Whores!


Anonymous said...

Calling Britney or any of the others a trainwreck I'm betting is a truthful statement.

Cheri said...

Somehow I've managed to miss all of the gossip today.

anne marie in philly said...

does ANYBODY really give a rat's ass about these idiots?

I have enough to do managing my own life without trying to manage someone else's.

I don't watch tv, or read trash, so I can join your movement.

perhaps next we can schedule a national "shut the hell up" day; a day of silence for everyone. anybody wanna try that?

Cat said...

Sorry sweetie I tagged you.


Sherrill in PDX said...

I share your dirty secret and as penance I will declare a moratorium on reading any gossip for the next week. Calling out our flaws may be a baby step in overcoming them. That said, I do notice that as I age and the grist for the celebrity mill stays eternally young, the interest does wane.

=Tamar said...

I'm solidly in favor of National Say No To Lies Week. I am also very interested in National Shut Up Day, though I suspect many people wouldn't last an hour. (I would expect an amnesty provisionj for genuine emergencies.) I went to a workshop in which a small group of people spent four hours neither speaking nor making eye contact, while observing their own reactions.

Aidan said...

I would not be opposed to National Shut Up Day, with two caveats: 1) we tell Norbert that "shut up" is mean, so could we call it A Week of Silence or something like that? and 2) people would need a work exception, because it would be impossible for people to forgo work just so they could Shut Up.

But I'm not doing it if Myfanwe doesn't do it...cuz I'm not giving her a week of having the last word.