Sunday, February 10, 2008


I tend to think about things a lot. That doesn't always result in planning things in advance... it's more like anticipation.

Myfanwe, Norbert, and Norbert's best friend, No Pie, and I were discussing the Knitting Olympics at breakfast. (This is what civilized people talk about during Say No To Lies Week.) And I said that my plan for the Knitting Olympics was to knit a lace shawl in the 18 days allotted. I will probably have to take vacation time and knit in an undisclosed location so as to avoid distractions, but I think I can do a shawl in 18 days.

Well, with that decided, I'm sure you can imagine where next my deviant little mind decided to take me.

Yes. You are correct! Right down the path of "What-Will-I-Knit-And-What-Yarn-Will-I-Use?"

I only have one of those questions answered.

Danny Ouelette's Diamonds and Roses Shawl. Knit in fingering weight, so 18 days wouldn't be terribly unrealistic. Seed stitch border. I will knit it in something soft...maybe cashmere from ColourMart.

Oh, how exciting. I wish I didn't have to wait 2 whole years. But some things are worth it. Right?

Unless someone knows of a knitalong I don't. In which case, I might have to alter my plan. Oh, dear.


Cat said...

OMG that is absolutely beautiful. We just started knitting the Thordis Shawl (Icelandic) from Knitting Daily if you want to join us!
Oh yeah there is another group that is trying to start up the Peacock Feather Shawl (another gorgeous one). Their name on Yahoo is Icelandic Lace Shawl.

Rachel H said...

Don't wait, knit it know. While there's no formal knit-a-long I'm aware of, my friend Denny and I both made this our New Years Day cast on. Does that count? Alas, for me that's about as far as I've got, and Denny, having started it in two different yarns is now spinning her own for it. Gorgeous stuff. It's even more fun since we know Danny. I've been waiting for this pattern ever since December 2005 when Danny showed his shawl at our guild meeting. Pestering him at every opportunity. Bought yarn at a summer knit night in 2006 with the express intent of saving it for this shawl, and, um, may have pointed that out to him as I was doing so.

Also, this is too lovely to be rushed into 18 days. Enjoy it, savour it. Knit it conciously. I think this is one of those patterns that needs paying attention to, and I'd hate for the experience to be tarnished for you by sleep deprivation and a need for speed.

Besides, it's a great reason to go out and buy cashmere Now...

Moorecat said...

Beijing Olympics, anyone?


Danny Ouellette Knitting said...

Morning Aidan. This is Danny Ouellette. Ted sent me over here.

Thanks for choosing my pattern! I hope you have a lot of fun with it.

I think you could do it in 18 days. Once you get into the rhythm of the charts, it becomes fairly simple to work it.

It takes me about 2 days to do the first 3 charts, and then 2 - 3 days per chart after that. Chart 7 is small and goes fairly quick. And these are leisurely days, not dawn to dusk days.

I unofficially joined Rachel and Denny in the knit-a-long. I promised my sister I would make her one for her birthday, which is in March. I'm making it in a heavy fingering weight mohair/wool yarn, so it will be a bit bigger than the pattern states. I'm half way through chart 7, and should finish it this week, if I can stop knitting hats all the time!

I'd say knit it now, but then, I'm prejudiced!