Saturday, March 08, 2008

Baltimore and more and more...

Today we started off with a visit to Baltimore's Lexington Market. This is a pretty intense place., but if you are hungry, this is definitely the place to go.

I have been working on a sweater for Little Bird, and, having finished the body, was prepared to move on to the sleeves. Unfortunately I hadn't packed the required double pointed needles and I really want to have the sweater finished so I can give it to her on Monday evening. Which meant we had to find a yarn shop. That wasn't hard to do -- we made our way to A Good Yarn in the Fells Point neighborhood. They had the needles I needed, and Norbert picked up a ball of Dale baby cotton to make Little Bird a face cloth. The shop is quite small, and felt even smaller because half of the shop was filled with a very feisty stash of knitters who all seemed to be laughing and talking at once. I wanted to join in, but they couldn't possibly have squeezed in another person.

This is the E.Z. 5HBS. The color is certainly vibrant. I had to stop knitting the sleeve because I only have a little more yarn with me and I want to have something to knit on the flight home. I think I can get a second sleeve done Sunday evening or catch a few minutes on Monday. (We are having dinner with Little Bird and her moms on Monday.)

A visit to Fells Point wouldn't be complete without a walk along the harbor. The fog was so beautiful. Not eerie at all -- sort of comforting.

We saw an able shucker at work.
And then we encountered a mystery. One minute they were there,

And the next minute they were gone. Where'd they go?

We survived Baltimore...whether or not Baltimore survives us is yet to be seen!

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