Monday, March 10, 2008

Three Things for Monday, March 10, 2008

  1. Vacations are lovely, but it is always nice to return to your own bed.
  2. I have not forgotten what it is like to have one of those life-shatteringly bad when I had to witness and be a part of someone's life-shatteringly bad day today, I tried to be considerate and empathetic. It didn't make it easier for me -- I'm still shaken and sad -- but I hope I made it easier for the other person.
  3. Nothing restores the soul more completely than holding a beautiful, healthy, happy baby.

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Cheri said...

I think the computer ate my last comment, it didn't submit the correct way (meaning I didn't get the note saying it had to be approved).

Anyway...I said: yes isn't it lovely to come home after a vacation.

And, You are such a kind person I am sure that you were a comfort to the person with the life-shatteringly bad day. I'm sure they were grateful for your consideration and empathy.

Lastly. Holding a beautiful, healthy, happy baby just makes it feel like everything is alright.