Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Three Things for Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Baltimore Edition

So far I've managed to keep to my "Baltimore Diet" of treif three times a day. One day down, four to go. Breakfast at the airport (4:30 a.m.) was an egg mcmuffin thingy with Canadian bacon. For lunch with Norbert on the sunny harbor (in shirt sleeves!) I had a pound of spicy steamed peal-and-eat shrimp. And dinner was Szeshuan -- both spicy shrimp and spicy pork. But on to Three more important Things.

  1. Warm sunshine dancing on the water in the harbor. It was so pretty. Who can feel down when sitting in the warm sin?
  2. One of those fun moments I won't ever forget -- trying on hats with Norbert at Hats in The Belfry in The Gallery. We both look good in fedoras and porkpies.
  3. Our hotel is all suites...Norbert has a sleeper sofa in the living room...which means the Lovely Myfanwe and I have a little bit of privacy...
Gotta go.

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Cinders said...

Glad you're enjoying your break away. Tut Tut!! all that treif!!! as if I'd ever touch the stuff (LOL) ooops my halo slipped!