Tuesday, March 04, 2008


My plans for our trip to Baltimore look like this:

Day 1. Wake up before G-d. Drink lots of coffee. Fly to Baltimore. Check in at hotel. Send Myfanwe to conference. Eat traif*. Wander around with Norbert. Eat traif again. Meet Myfanwe back at hotel. Sleep.

Day 2. Wake up after G-d, but before decent people. Drink lots of coffee. Take cab to commuter train. Take commuter train with Norbert to Washinton, D.C. and go visit my Best Man, who is a Congresswoman. Tour U.S. Capital, Library of Congress, eat traif. If there is time, head to the Hirschorn, because I love it so very, very much. Eat more traif. Commute back. Meet Myfanwe at the airport. Sleep.

Day 3. Wake up whenever the hell I please. Nothing else planned until meeting Myfanwe at the end of her conference and possibly taking in the Baltimore Jewish Museum. And eating traif. (This is called irony.)

Day 4. I'm certain Myfanwe, who is a much better person and parent than I, will have this day completely planned with interesting and educational activities. My only addition to the day is that I plan to eat traif. Several times.

Day 5. We leave in the afternoon, so we only have the morning. I plan to eat traif.

So, there are a few blanks in the schedule. Anyone have any ideas?

*Traif means not kosher. Pork and shellfish, basically. We don't bring these things into our home, and Myfanwe wouldn't touch them. Although she thinks that makes her a better Jew, I believe that observance is about what brings G-d into you life -- and I have had some scampi that has caused me to praise G-d. But only when we eat out.


Sue said...

If you are looking for shellfish, you will find it in Baltimore. I love Phillips in the Inner Harbor area. You can go to the aquarium there too.

soxanne said...

With Norbert in DC? Do you have extra time in DC? I would suggest the Spy Museum or the Smithsonian they call "America's Attic" (the ruby slippers, Indiana Jones' hat, Old Ironsides, etc.) Or the Natural History Museum, if he's into that.

My kids love the Hirschorn and all of the above. Oh, and the zoo.

Anonymous said...

If the weather is nice while you're in DC - the FDR memorial - absolutely wonderful!

Kate in KY

Leslie said...

All that traif might mean you take the old belt with you -- just saying.

I yearn for some good seafood now - shall have to check out the local fishmonger for lunch :)

Anonymous said...

May I suggest that you eat some very, very good "treif" at the
Mitsitam Café at the Smithsonian's NAtional Museum of the American Indian. (You will be at the Hirschorn anyway.) Very different restaurant and has great ratings. I have eaten there a few times and it is wonderful. Some menu offerings are guided by seasonal ingredients.

Norbert might like the museum. My nephews did. The cultural interpreters were very good.