Saturday, March 01, 2008

Three Things for Saturday, March 1, 2008

  1. I managed to sit through cabinet design with two different manufacturers without crying or pulling my hair out. I am so glad I will only have to do this once in my lifetime. (Though a part of me says "Wait! I have to have more than 30 good years left. I have so much more I want to do!") Who else but me would suffer a crisis of mortality while remodeling a kitchen? It looks like we chose a tile for the floor. I saw one tile at Home Depot that didn't make me vomit and one that did. I brought home one of each. Myfanwe looked at the non-emetic tile and said, "Oh. I like that one."
  2. I made 20 pints of apricot orange marmalade this evening. It could have been 22, but I ran short of jars. I don't know how a person can feel sorry for themselves when they have marmalade in the pantry.
  3. I have begun a 5HBS -- a Five Hour Baby Sweater -- for Little Bird. I am knitting it in the most striking lime-green cotton. I have given Myfanwe the task of locating a suitable pair of navy pants to go with.

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Moorecat said...

Hey Aidan -

Now all you need to find is the nacy cotton to make these out of:

Say nothing; just doing my bit to cover all babies in cuteness - like they need help ;)